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Basics and ‘all that other stuff’ need to know … eventually

Crimping pliers: Have two shaped holes specifically designed to achieve a folded crimp.

I AM ALWAYS AMAZED at how many talented beaders and wire workers we have in Australia. Again this year our Inspiration Beading book is filled with projects to fuel your creativity. The diagrams and techniques described here will provide you with a general guide to complete the projects in this book and have been developed by trial and error over many years of beading and teaching. Sometimes it is the smallest things that can make your beading time more enjoyable – like being able to thread a beading needle first go, or rolling neat loops, or being confident that your knots will not come undone. Even if you are an experienced beader I hope that this information is helpful to you.

Price verses Quality: Remember, the same is true in beading as in all aspects of product purchasing. As a general rule, if it’s ‘cheaper’ it is because the quality is not as good or as consistent as a comparable more ‘expensive’ item. If your project does not require uniform beads or you do not use wire tools very often, try to get the best you can in quality for the price you are willing to pay.


The most important thing … make sure your tools are comfortable to hold. I like my tool handles to come past the end of my thumb

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