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Have a Very Beady Christmas!

Beads are the perfect finishing touch to put on a very special gift.

THE CHRISTMAS TREE is usually the centrepiece of the house and whether you choose a real tree or a fake one, the decorations really help to make it special. Draping long strands of clear or Christmas-coloured faceted beads in either acrylic or glass around the tree adds a subtle sparkle to the branches, while taking away those annoying little pieces of tinsel that fall onto the floor.

Christmas baubles look beautiful when they’re beaded – by making a beaded net and draping it over the top of the bauble, you can then hang long drops from the edges to create an illusion of icicles hanging from the bauble. These make wonderful heirlooms and gifts, and, to give a more personalised touch, paint the recipient’s name on the bauble in gold

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