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This is a story about good and bad, smart and short-sighted, about a bright future or the demise of the human race and most of the life on planet Earth. It's about the weakness of the singular and the power of the collective.

You might wonder how this has anything to do with you. You're a decent person who loves trail running and being in Nature. You say "I just want to get on with my life, be good to those around me, and make a fair living."

Well, it's your right, and your duty to do all that. But when we look beyond our own little islands, it becomes clear that we

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International Events
USA, 31 March Not a single runner finished Barkley Marathons, dubbed The Race That Eats Its Young, for the second year in a row. One of those runners was Durban's Gareth Morgan. (To be fair, only 15 people have ever finished the 100 mile self-navigat
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ABC Racing Choose Your Battles
In coach SEAN TAIT’s How and Why series, the founder and running technique coach at Off the Mark responds to your run-related challenges. The key word here is ‘overwhelming’. It is overwhelming because this challenge is being viewed in its entirety.
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Tugela Falls KZN
Access 7am – 5pm Dogs Not allowed Fee R90 / Trails Various / Best route 26km / Ascent 1,330m / Difficulty Tough / Time 5h Starts at Sentinel Car Park and you head straight up to the top of the escarpment. (The last dirt road is pretty bad so take an