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Witfontein Western Cape
Access All day, all year Dogs Yes Fee Free / Trails Various / Best route 11km / Ascent 170m / Difficulty Easy / Time 70min My chosen route is fondly known as the Sampies Loop, since the highest point of the route is called Sampies. The first Outeniqu
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Nuts about Seeds
Share your food ideas: Nuts are a complex food. They’re made up of many compounds: amino acids, phytochemicals, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Monounsaturated fats to be exact. Fats scare some people, but there are good fats
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R349 | The Corefit Tee is the ultimate running tee. Moisture-wicking Quik-Wic fabric draws sweat away from the skin and accelerates evaporation to provide comfort, while reflective trims will increase your visibility both on the tra