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Kompasberg Eastern Cape
Access By arrangement Dogs No Fee R50 / Trails Various / Best route 20km / Ascent 900m / Difficulty Moderate / Time 4h Get there An hour’s drive from Nieu-Bethesda. -31.7108°, 24.5609° The standard route from the north is moderately easy to navigate
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Run Project
Oh goodness! You’ve just entered an amazing trail run… but now what? You have no plan, just lots of butterflies and concerned voices in your head asking you ‘Whatwere you thinking?!’ But what would happen if you approached this trail run as a project
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Tugela Falls KZN
Access 7am – 5pm Dogs Not allowed Fee R90 / Trails Various / Best route 26km / Ascent 1,330m / Difficulty Tough / Time 5h Starts at Sentinel Car Park and you head straight up to the top of the escarpment. (The last dirt road is pretty bad so take an