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The Small Things Add Up
I love it when my body surprises me, and I just found out it can do a headstand! I remember years ago, struggling to do an inclined handstand against a wall, struggling to run continuously for a kilometre, and generally feeling frustrated that my bod
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Feeding The Soul
ANDRE REDINGER is a co-founder of the Southern Lodestar Foundation, and MD of Millhouse, a producer and distributor of vitamin blends to sub-Saharan Africa. The 48-year-old combines his drive to feed the children of Africa with endurance running. He
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Bound To Rebound
You’re tough. How do I know? You made it through winter, didn’t you? Congrats! Now it’s time to prepare your mind (and body) for longer days, warmer sunshine, and more time outdoors. Enjoy it. Soon it will be winter again. But then another spring, an