India Baird of Rock Girl was outraged by the murders of Franziska Blochliger (16) and Sinoxolo Mafevuka (19) in March 2016. It inspired her to bring Capetonians together to build a safer country for all, and the brave. RUN was born.

On Saturday, 23 April, Capetonian activists ran 30km from Khayelitsha to Cape Town “sending a message of support to all women

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Nuts about Seeds
Share your food ideas: Nuts are a complex food. They’re made up of many compounds: amino acids, phytochemicals, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and fats. Monounsaturated fats to be exact. Fats scare some people, but there are good fats
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Longmore Eastern Cape
Access 7am Dogs No Fee R50 / Trails Various / Best route 20km / Ascent 570m / Difficulty Easy / Time 4h Plantations offer me the opportunity to train for extended periods, on varied surfaces, in mountainous areas. It would be unwise to just go for a
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Stiff-legged Jol!
The Oxpecker Trail Run is about so much more than the run. You will have a jol on and off the trail, your legs will be stiff, and you will join the 8,250 Peckers since 2015 who know why all three weekends sell out every year. This event, now in its f