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The Superpowers Of Wizard Sticks
To pole or not? That is the question every trail runner asks – eventually. It turns out that trekking poles appeal to both racing snakes and back of field flower sniffers. But they are not a tool you’ll use on every run. Learn from a cross-section of
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Dragon Tales
ULTRA-TRAIL® DRAKENSBERG presented by Running Man Adventures, 25-27 April 2019 by Deon Braun IT wasn’t looking good. I was spread-eagled on a rock, hanging on for dear life. Two metres below me, a torrent of water after recent storms had me in no ill
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Get Your Omega-3 the Healthy Way
Share your food ideas: World Oceans Day takes place annually on 8 June. One hot topic it presents is whether eating seafood is healthy and sustainable. Many people equate fish with good health, mostly because th