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Six Hundred!

IT is with great pleasure alacrity that we celebrate the publication of this month’s issue which is the 600th issue of NZ Hot Rod magazine. This lofty milestone is a first for any NZ automotive publication and has come on the top of the hour of 51 years of continuous publication. I’ll be bold and brave here and say unequivocally that no other hot rod magazine published here in NZ will ever equal this 600 issue milestone achievement and that’s because of a

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THE concept of an aircraft bomber-style seat is now well entrenched in the traditional rodding psyche but have you ever considered taking that concept thru to the trunk and making a matching battery box. Frank Wallic has done just that and has these
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Matt’s Bucket List
DURING Matt Brown’s high school years in the late ‘70s, he would cycle to Ruapuna Drag Meets. This struck a chord. I did the same thing a few years earlier. When Matt was still a student, he built a model of Ron Collett’s first rail. He even wrote a
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Super Sleeper
A FEW years ago, Tim Garrett from Cambridge was asking around if anyone knew of a jailbar pickup which was for sale and it had to be a runner. At the time I had been working on one, and it just so happened the owner had another one in his shed at hom