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The grille is probably the most recognizable part of any car. It’s proud and announces its maker with bravado. Ford designers were well aware of the grille’s importance and knew it had to be right, a perfect design which flows into the body. In the 1930s and ‘40s, Ford was at the top of its game, employing the best designers in the development of the famous V8 flathead and in the styling of its beautiful bodies. In my day, any kid on the block could tell you the year and body style of any Ford driving by. Ford actually had the advertising slogan, “Watch the Fords go by.”

(Henry s son)

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Atomic Deuce
The 1932 Ford coupe has been in our family for over 70 years. The car was initially purchased by my wife Becky’s father, Jacob J. Wechsler (Jay), in November 1944. It was his daily driver when he was in the military service. The car is more than just
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Washer Guidance
When it comes to fasteners, the proverbial “red-headed stepchild” is the washer. It’s sometimes overlooked and often misused. So for a little guidance on the subject, we turned to the folks at Automotive Racing Products, Inc. —better known as ARP— th
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A Gem In The Desert
In August of 2015, I was photographing Gilberto Porras 1940 Ford for the cover of issue 16 of Rodding USA. He and his wife Leticia drove the coupe from El Paso, Texas, to Tucson for the shoot. After the shoot, we were enjoying a nice steak dinner, al