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The Fruits of Our Labours

During her primary school years, art was Helene Wild’s favourite subject. In those days, State schools had no designated ‘art rooms’, but thankfully one of her teachers took art seriously. Art classes were a highlight for Helene. She also enjoyed health, nature study, geography and history studies – especially because the students were encouraged to illustrate their lessons. This talented lady has been drawing and painting ever since she could hold a pencil. She claims that her career as a natural history artist began in grade four at primary school when she was inspired by her nature study classes – and she could hardly wait to get home and illustrate her work book with images of whatever had been taught that day.

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Artist's Palette4 min read
Art Is A Connection To Self-Expression.
I was born in Townsville Queensland. My family spent most of my early childhood moving around for work, so I found it very difficult to make friends but I always had my drawings. I would draw on anything I could find. My father being a new Australian
Artist's Palette2 min read
Its The Interpretation That Makes It Work
Many people I speak to tell me they really enjoy painting but don’t get the time to do it. My answer is, I paint (almost every day) and sometimes don’t get the time to do other things. As a young man I had the need to draw, and I enjoyed art at schoo
Artist's Palette2 min read
Where the Waters Flow
I choose an image with a personal appeal. In this case I took a photo a few years ago on a visit to the South Island, New Zealand. I like the way the water twists and swerves around the rocks. I start with a mixture of Raw Umber and Prussian Blue sli