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White Orchids in Watercolour



• 300 gsm Arches rough watercolour paper 76 x 56cm. This was stretched then stapled over a wooden frame.

• Watercolours – all were transparent colours Holbein and Schmincke paints:

– Viridian

– Aureolin Yellow

– Quinacridone Gold

– Permanent Violet

– Ultramarine

– Permanent Rose

– Burnt Sienna

– Burnt Umber

• Brushes:

– Ashley ½” dagger brush

– Rekab Round Wire Bound Squirrel size 10

– Westart Rigger size 2

I was halfway through completing this painting and I was asked if I could write about it, how it evolved and the processes behind achieving the finished work. I had a great time with this painting, using strong tonal contrasts, lots of mark making and with design considerations to be addressed.

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