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Snow Boarder

During Ashley’s short life he was keen on snow boarding, and he had incredible artistic talent. I particularly admired the Onimbo logo he created. I came up with the image I wanted to paint, and included Ashley’s Onimbo logo on the board as it accentuated the composition, mimicking the heels of the shoes and drawing viewers’ eyes up to the bum – while the fine finger off the right of the logo

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Australian How To Paint6 min readSelf-Improvement
A Sense of Purpose
My full-time occupation is Principal for a behaviour school in Sydney’s western suburbs. My home is at Lawson in the Blue Mountains. I completed an Art Certificate course at Meadowbank TAFE in 1987 and then went on to what was then known as City Art
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For my facial portraits, I sometimes start with one of the eyes. This then gives me something by which I can measure everything else on the face. There are many other ways of drawing up portraits of course – and each teacher or pupil will have their
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The Portrait Painter
One day while having lunch with friends at an artist cottage, I saw people enjoying art lessons on the veranda. I knew instantly that was where I wanted to be, having always loved drawing and arty crafts. That was nearly three years ago; at first all