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It’s MY Turn

I began my true artistic journey 11 years ago in 2002, when I considered it was high time for a bit of selfishness in my life. I had played with creativity as a child, experimented in oils as a teenager and encouraged art in all my teaching roles as an adult. When it came time to pursue my own art dreams, watercolour was what I wanted to do. I had spent years touring galleries, studying and admiring works of art that were way beyond my financial means. In the end I decided that

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Australian How To Paint5 min read
Born to Draw, Baby!
I want to take you back to 1993. I am a horse-mad girl with long brown hair and utterly lovesick. I love horses. Then along comes the Arabian horse. On the outside, this breed of horse is famous for its beauty, refinement and movement. This is all ve
Australian How To Paint2 min read
Early Risers
The initial block in. Just the most basic lines. This is only to position them on the canvas. No details. Drawing will be adjusted and corrected as I move through the painting. Light Red and Ultramarine Blue in a thin line for the outline. Here I bl
Australian How To Paint3 min read
Artist’s Hints And Tips
• It took me a long time to realise and understand that art is about you, the artist. It’s a visual story about where the artist is in their skill level/knowledge of their medium and subject matter, and how they use their heart, hands and head to int