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The Singing Artist

Ellen Lee Osterfield has been painting pictures of Australia for more than 32 years … sometimes with a paintbrush, and sometimes with a guitar.

Her intense love of the Australian landscape, and her affection for the country’s colourful characters and its fascinating flora and fauna, have

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Claire Foxton wasn’t brought up in an artistic household. She believes, however, that she was born with a passion for art – and she is grateful to her parents for nurturing the seeds of her creativity. Claire has developed an amazing talent throughou
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Pencil Portrait of Phillip
This is a description of the processes and techniques I use to draw a pencil portrait. This is the sixth pencil portrait I’ve drawn. I have a connection with all of the people I have drawn previously, with my husband René being the first subject; the
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My subject is a fellow called Damien. I took a few photographs of him on my mobile phone under fluorescent lights. The quality is not great, and the angle I used to shoot the photographs is kind of awkward and distorted. However the image offered a c