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My ‘art’ journey was restricted initially to dabbling in hobbies and crafts including decoupage, paper tolle, folk art, pottery, woodworking and lead lighting, until my two sons reached secondary college. Utilising my skills in tracing, gridding up, machine sewing embroidery and patchwork, I began operating a ‘boutique industry’ from home designing and manufacturing ‘wearable art’, (3D appliqué clothing with matching Fimo earrings for women and children), selling under the label “Rozzie’s Ozzies” - naturally!

When a silk painting weekend workshop was organised by the college, I volunteered as a ‘parent assistant’. (Thank you, Jaden). I was absolutely fascinated by the art tutor’s contagious enthusiasm..... and the silk-painting technique. The tutor, Barbara Grollmus, exposed me to a world previously unknown to me, and my passion for painting and all things art was awakened! She introduced me to negative spaces, colour relationships, lights and darks, composition, form and perspective,

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My works start long before lifting a brush. To gain familiarity with my subjects, I have visited many properties in different parts of the country. I have attended shows and events. I have sketched and taken many photographs. To study the action and
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Master Hints And Tips
• My method of working any painting, no matter what the subject, is to state the darkest darks first; work through the medium tones; and, when the board is covered and the tones can be judged correctly, then I ‘turn on the lightest lights’. It is a w