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Chasing the Real Thing

I have always been drawn to visual art, and started drawing at a young age and painting in my teen years.

I became more serious about painting in my early 20s, and painted mainly in acrylics from made up work in my head (some quite unusual pieces), and also painting from what was in front of me, such as still life and flowers, plus plein air painting in my late 20s and onward when I could.

I paint mainly in oils, also acrylics and at

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Country Life
I grew up in Sydney. After leaving school, I won a scholarship and spent three years full-time at the National Art School. Leaving there, I went out into the world to earn a living. In the early 1950s you could count the number of artists actually ea
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Simple and Basic
I believe every painter can only be taught the basics. After that, we are on our own. Nature has all the answers, and will provide them to painters who ask the right questions. In the early eighties, Gloria Ransom and Allan Fizzell were instrumental
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A Passion for Horses
Why do I paint? Because I was born with a tremendous passionate love of horses... and I didn’t have one of my own! Let me explain. Painting and drawing – especially drawing, has been an integral part of me for as long as I can remember and so has the