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Drawing on life’s encounters


Even now, living in Brisbane, I am surrounded by South-East Queensland’s treasure trove of beautiful natural features such as beaches, bays, mountain ranges and World Heritage-listed rainforests.

Travel has been an important part of my life and exploring the diversity and amazing natural wonders around the world has certainly influenced my appreciation of the nature and the role art can play in the telling of its story.

Naturally then, when I began painting a few years ago, I was inspired by my love of wildlife and the desire to highlight respect for animals and human’s

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Australian How To Paint8 min read
Aubergine Arabian I
I have selected one of my own photos featuring my muse, the Arabian horse. Technically speaking this photo is not focused correctly, but is good enough as a reference. I know I have a great photo reference when I keep going back to it and feel excite
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Gentle Giants
My works start long before lifting a brush. To gain familiarity with my subjects, I have visited many properties in different parts of the country. I have attended shows and events. I have sketched and taken many photographs. To study the action and
Australian How To Paint3 min read
‘Harry Chavill’
I took a series of sequential action photographs and the reference chosen was a combination of the front of the horse from one photograph and his rear from the next. I was initially going to suggest a background with a stormy sky and grass, but got c