A straight line joins two points. Electricity and electromagnetism occur only because of the movement of particles between two poles. In order to communicate, be it through the use of devices, between individuals or plants and animals, a transmitter and a receiver are needed. Most phenomena in our universe are complementary: day and night; inhaling and exhaling; tension and relaxation; giving and receiving; both sides of a scale; the asset and liability sides of a balance sheet, and the masculine and feminine of a species.

The masculine, that is, the active-positive, is generally looked upon more favourably than the feminine, which is passive-negative. Is this because in our world we regard ‘might as right’? Let us look at what happens in our simple, everyday activities and, disregarding the ‘might’ factor, examine in greater detail the masculine and the feminine.

The two poles of action: decision and execution

Everything we do is preceded by a decision. Once a decision is made we realise that an important step has been taken. For example: I have been postponing making an appointment with my dentist for months. Once I pick up the telephone to call, I immediately have the impression that I have begun to solve my problem, even if I have not yet followed through with my decision.

Even though decision usually precedes execution, we sometimes act without really deciding, or better said, without prior reflection, following a sudden impulse and reacting to sudden joy, fear, anguish or jealousy. This then becomes an unpremeditated act and, in capital offences, is the least punishable by law.

On the other hand, we often act with reflection, using our intellect, which stems from our brain. We live according to the decisions we make daily in all aspects of our lives. We are unconsciously seeking to satisfy needs and to quench our thirst for power, money and pleasure. We are constantly trying to keep up with and to please others. In short, we are calculating and this can sometimes produce reprehensible behaviour and deeds, which are, in fact, premeditated acts and considered more serious under the law.

Then there is the intuitive process, sometimes called the inner

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