In the air

Our increasingly globalised world is in the grip of disruptive influences that stream into all aspects of our lives from the diffusion of new ideas. Disruption is the order of

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In his writings Dr. Jide Adefope delves into the fundamental issues facing humanity. Based on the Grail Message, In the Light of Truth, by Abd-ru-shin, Herbert Vollmann gives explanations on current and timeless issues of humanity.
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The Path To Humans On Earth Part Three Objectives Of Being On Earth
There are only a few people who clearly perceive what is actually important, what really matters with regards to life on earth. Most people have no understanding of the causes of today’s swollen tide of chaotic conditions, not to mention the foresigh
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If I want to make some money, then I usually have to work for it. If I want to have a hot meal, then I have to obtain, prepare and cook the ingredients or go into a restaurant and pay for the meal. If I want to go on a trip, I must actively organise