Three basic Laws of Creation are especially important for the penal law: the Law of Gravitation, the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species, and the Law of Reciprocal Action. These three Laws are consistent in all the visible and invisible parts or spheres of Creation. What is different in the various spheres is merely their effect

We see the effect of the Law of Gravitation in the earthly sphere when, for example, we put a piece of iron and a piece of cork in water. The iron sinks immediately owing to its heaviness, while the cork remains on the surface. If we press the cork to the bottom of the water and let go, it rises. The process in the world invisible to us is recapitulated when a man lays aside his physical body. If we have made it heavy through base propensities, the ethereal body which is separated from the physical body sinks to that place in the beyond which is of the same heaviness. There it will also find its homogeneous species, for like heaviness implies like species. Or if through striving for higher and purer things we have made it lighter, the ethereal body floats upwards like a cork into more luminous realms.

The Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species is exemplified in the popular saying, ‘Birds of a feather flock together’. We experience it every day when people of like mind come together for some purpose. In the same way it also operates with associations on a large scale, such as castes, social classes and political parties. Under its influence thoughts of a homogeneous nature also unite and thus become stronger.

After all, the iron and the cork, like all matter, also consist of the same elementary particles which have united through the effect of the Law of the Attraction of Similar Species.

The Law ofarrive for us. As with the earthly harvest, many times over and above the seed. They are the works that follow us at death, and which we take over into the beyond.

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