Premonitions are intuitive perceptions which inform us in advance of an event to come. Therefore, the event has not yet taken place. Nobody knows that it is coming and nothing announces it. And yet, the person who received the premonition knows that it will happen. He is even inwardly convinced of its coming because the premonition imposes itself strongly on his consciousness.

Premonitions take place spontaneously. Suddenly, they are there, without prior warning. The person in question is not thinking about something which will lead him to discover the impending event. Neither is he searching to discover what the future has in store for him. The event to come is not the object of his reflections or of his pondering but suddenly, thanks to the premonition, he knows that the event described in it is coming.

Premonitions manifest in two different ways: by a picture or as a feeling.

Premonitions by pictures: This kind of premonition manifests itself as a picture in relation to the event to come. It is a faithful representation of a scene, an individual or an event. The person sees the picture inwardly, in the same way as we do when we recall past events or, when reading a novel, by seeing the characters in the book brought to life within us.

Words can be associated with the picture, but this is notstorm does come and the mass of rain which falls carries away a lot of topsoil.

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