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Hi Brett,

On a personal level, is it more important to make sacrifices art-wise and push to get a career for myself where I can be paid just to make art, or should I get a part-time job and just make art with as much of my time as possible to improve my skill and also create what is in my heart, and simply not be concerned with fame or getting recognition?

Thanks, Alex, Woolloongabba

Hi Alex,

And therein lays the eternal quandary of the born artist. Do you do the art you yourself want to do to the standard you want to do it, or figure out a way to do it “fast” to keep the price down, of something you think might sell (usually something you don’t really want to paint or draw). You have to have money for food and shelter. You have to devote a lot of time (10000 hours, as the saying

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