Creative Artist

The Invitation of Beauty

Entering the studio you are surrounded by bookshelves teeming with art books, painting racks from floor to ceiling and a costume rack draped in furs, silks and satin props. You notice several easels, all with works in progress, a large work table, brushes bursting from all manner of jars and the heady smells of paints and oils. In the corner by the sunlit window is an old green brass studded leather arm-chair, well-worn and torn with stuffing gaping, where the artist sits to meditate each day before she begins to paint.

At five years old, Claire Bridge declared to her parents that she was going to be an artist. As a child she was constantly drawing and painting with

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A Demonstration in Imagination
I had the urge to doodle and draw from a young age, which was an unformed process until I met an artist who lived on the street where we lived. I had always been a rational person, tending toward science rather than the arts, and had started a physic
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Scratchboarding: The Tattoo Needle
I find scratchboard to be such a fabulous medium. It’s incredibly versatile – you can colour it or have it black and white, you can use it expressively or for fine intricate detail and you can use a variety of tools to get exactly the effect you wish
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Tree of Life
Since Adam and Eve were both sent down to the Earth because of the forbidden fruit, the endless story starts and will remain forever as the Tree of life story. Man and woman. What are they, and why, each alone and if together? How much they are alike