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Hi Brett,

With freehand drawing, do you have any tips for placement of your intended drawing on the paper? I think some drawings need a bit of extra room on one side to give the drawing extra interest. Others need to be close to centred. Plus you then have to consider wobble room and allow for the mat if you want to end up framing the drawing. How do you make all these decisions? Any tips would be much appreciated,

Thanks, Wayne, Tinana.

Hi Wayne,

There’s no doubt in my mind that the specific position of a composition within the frame is every bit as crucial an element of composition as anything else. If you’ve provided yourself from the beginning with a bit of “wobble room” (extra room around the edges of the paper) than you have got the means for not only allowing a developing freehand drawing to grow or wander as refinements and adjustments are made but also to “frame” the finished drawing when deciding exactly

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