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For a long time, Nicole Maguire had no idea what to paint or how to begin. There was an empty room in her first apartment, so she thought it could be turned into an art studio. It was not meant to be – a pad of paper and a pencil sat on a table in the room for about six months! It would take the lonely experience of suffering her first heartbreak for Nicole to finally put pen to paper. “Depressed

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Creative Artist3 min read
A Demonstration in Imagination
I had the urge to doodle and draw from a young age, which was an unformed process until I met an artist who lived on the street where we lived. I had always been a rational person, tending toward science rather than the arts, and had started a physic
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Scratchboarding: The Tattoo Needle
I find scratchboard to be such a fabulous medium. It’s incredibly versatile – you can colour it or have it black and white, you can use it expressively or for fine intricate detail and you can use a variety of tools to get exactly the effect you wish
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Lethbridge Gallery
Operators of the Lethbridge Gallery believe that a valuable and fulfilling part of making art and exhibiting it is to meet the people who are moved by their creations. This gallery’s philosophy is that meeting the purchasers makes a fulfilling link b