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A Life Long Love of Colour

Jan Matson’s love of painting developed in her earliest years. Her best memories are of her great-aunt, who was an artist living in a rambling old house in Adelaide. The house was full of paintings, tapestries and fascinating old books. It was always a favourite place to visit and inspired her painting career from a very early age. She recalls her father bringing home powder paints

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A Painting Should Tell a Story
I started drawing when I was seven years old. It came naturally to me while other children my age seemed to struggle with it. Creating works of art gave me great joy. When I was 13 years old I was asked to give a live drawing demonstration inside a l
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Faith in Art
Like many artists before me, life has been interesting to say the least. I have countless stories to tell of humour and horror, blessings and failures. But through everything, for me there has been one constant and one thing I have always had faith i
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Pastel Pencils
When I was first introduced to soft pastels I remember thinking “I don't want to paint impressionistic, 'big stroke' pieces of art”. That's pretty much what I thought pastels would produce. There's nothing wrong with that either, it's just not the wa