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This enviable outdoor space celebrates the natural environment and characteristics of the site and its surroundings, with the home sitting comfortably within the Kona, Hawaii, landscape that lies beyond its walls. Palm trees and a selection of tropical plants surround the exterior of the house and there’s also an expanse of grassy

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This renovation is dripping with innovation and ingenuity. Here, the corner glass doors open up to meet the outdoor entertaining area, working as a handy pass-through. Perfect landscaping and loads of lush greenery turn a small block into a natural o
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The brief was to design a swimming pool, pool cabana, outdoor entertaining room and gardens for this lower North Shore Sydney property that was home to a young family of four. The location of the cabana was set adjacent to the swimming pool to the re
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Contemporary Cabanas
Visit any world-class holiday resort and you’re guaranteed to be surrounded by structures that fuse indoors and out. Luxury hotels know how to make the most of the gorgeous weather and boast wall-less lobbies, open walkways and rooms that open out to