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Eighteen months ago, Tim and his wife Athalia flew from Singapore straight to the heart of Richmond in Melbourne. They were looking for something in the city and found themselves back at a house they bid on 16 years earlier,

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An Aussie TOUCH
You wouldn’t expect this beautiful perennial garden to be found on the other side of the world. Yet this riverside property, which echoes suburban Melbourne, is located north of the equator in Connecticut, USA. The homeowners wanted their sprawling 1
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In this home in the Melbourne suburb of St Kilda, heritage architecture competed with a modern family and their contemporary lifestyle. So the homeowners drew on the expertise of Ian Barker Gardens to transform their outdoor space and restore balance
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Finishing Touches
When entertaining, whether it’s a party for adults or a weekend influx of your teenager’s friends, having some extra casual seating makes all the difference. There are plenty of outdoor beanbags, floor cushions and ottomans on the market, and stools