is alive and strong in Montana. It lives on in community-oriented ski areas; affordable lift tickets, rentals and lessons; and classic double chairs. In this day and age, more and more ski areas are part of group passes and major conglomerates, and yet Montana is full of down-home, family-owned slopes where it’s all about the skiing—and keeping it real. Places like Lost Trail Powder Mountain, Turner Mountain, Maverick Mountain, and Bear Paw Ski Bowl

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Life Of The Party
WHEN SPENCER HARKINS walks into the bar, he does more than light up the room—it’s akin to blinding illumination. With a penchant for skiing in jeans, and locks that would look at home onstage during Van Halen’s Fair Warning tour, the 28-year-old is a
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Still Processing
It was an essential part of my life as a photographer—running down to Borge Andersen & Associates to get the film in for E-6 processing after a day of shooting, then heading back to the lab to pick up the slides first thing in the morning. Back in my
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Women, Sign Up Now For Our New Women’s Ski Clinics For Women!
Code red! It dumped a foot overnight and then Aunt Flo showed up unannounced. Learn and practice techniques to shred while you shed your uterine lining! (Not unlike the techniques you use every month to carry on with your life and responsibilities de