The plan

Why, oh why couldn’t I have been bitten by a bug which was, well, cheaper, less obsessive, cheaper, easier to find the time to enjoy and... did I say cheaper? Before I start any scooter project, there’s an inevitable ‘gestation period’ where I get a hankering for something, and then spend many evenings with a beer in hand, scouring the web, social media pages and eBay – looking for something to fill the scootering void. This tends to build over a period of weeks, until I have a stack of potential prospects in my sights, and inevitably after one beer too many… I commit to buying something, and wake up owning a new scooter (of sorts). This time however, all my

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Scooter Specifications
Scooter model: Lambretta Ld MK 3 1957 Inspiration for the project: For me, this highlighted Lambretta and scootering in their heyday, the marketing, the advertising, the models and accessories and, of course, the rallies and the concourse competitio
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We Spoke To...
Paul Williamson and Elaine Vickers from the Ska Bandits S.C., who’d ridden in from Grantham on Paul’s Lambretta GP150/Honda TRX. Paul explained that on the way over they’d suffered a breakdown when the bearings in one of the jockey chain tensioning w
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A Quick One With Carol Harrison
More recently a pocket-sized adaptation of the show has completed a series of Monday night All Or Nothing Experience at the Arts Theatre in London's West End. It’s also been announced that Carol has been cast in the highly anticipated play, Thunder G