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Slay Your Inner Quitter

Somewhere deep inside your brain, down a neural pathway or two, is a little cluster of cells. They may seem innocent, but their motives are complicated. They collude to create a naysayer who’s interested in only one thing: derailing your goals. She’s the reason you take your freshly washed gym clothes to work only to bring them home again still clean; she’s happiest when you’re lying on the couch, all intentions of doing a little at-home yoga forgotten.

Really, she has her reasons. Let us explain:. “Any mental anguish over decision-making is a fight between these two brains,” Marshall says. The thing is, if you let the quitter part win, you’ll avoid everything that’s even a little bit uncomfortable—and hey, developing new habits isn’t always easy. Luckily, a few shifts in your everyday behavior can help you bypass the most common traps and stop these roadblocks from throwing off your otherwise achievable fitness goals. Take a seat, monkey brain.

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