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Why don’t millennials have more sex? Maybe we’re just too stressed | Dami Olonisakin

Studies show young people are having less sex. With everything we have to worry about, is that any surprise?
‘The truth for many of us is that we’re simply stressed out and at our wits’ end.’ Photograph: Alamy Stock Photo

There’s a popular misconception that millennials are lazy, entitled and whiners. We’re also told that we’re nothing more than a sex-obsessed generation who are constantly at it like rabbits. But although we’re more progressive than generations before us in terms of being sex-positive, we aren’t having as much sex as many would like to believe, because of stress and anxiety.

In a of just over 2,000 people for the BBC, 45% of adults said they had experienced negative impact on their sex life due to stress; 32% of people said their physical health was a factor; while 26% named mental health issues as the cause. You might think this just affects older people, but it follows other studies, such as , which found millennials were having less sex, with fewer sexual partners, in comparison with our parents’ generation when they were our age. And , from September, found 25% of couples in their 30s have a “sexless” relationship – but 77% of those aged 30 to 34 say their partner would like to have more sex.

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