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Move over, phones! Make room for books that fit in a back pocket.

Recently published tiny books by young adult author John Green fit in the palm of a hand. Publishers are watching to see if the small, horizontal format will have as much success in the US as it has had in Europe. Source: Melanie Stetson Freeman/Staff

Maggie Van Nortwick cradles the book in her palm and flips upward through its razor-thin pages, pausing now and then to read a paragraph or two. Finally, she looks up with a smile.

“This is cute,” she says. “But kind of a curveball for me.”

The book in question, John Green’s debut novel “Looking for Alaska,” measures no more than a few inches on each side. It is cellphone-sized and, unlike regular sized books, can fit easily into a back pocket or small purse. The type is small but readable; the pages barely opaque.

Ms. Van Nortwick, 18, likes the new format, but it may take some

A 'revelation' Some readers still need persuasion 

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