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Amazon Kindle Paperwhite (2018): The Most for Your Money


Amazon Kindle Paperwhite



4.5/5 Stars

PROS Waterproof. Flat front is easy to clean. Plays audiobooks over Bluetooth. Long battery life.

CONS Doesn’t support Immersion Reading.

The first upgrade to Amazon’s most popular e-reader in three years, the new Kindle Paperwhite is the least-expensive waterproof ebook reader on the market. It supports audiobooks and has a new flat-front design, making it ideal for beach reading. Reading or listening to a book on it is also simply calming, centering, and often joyous. For the price, this is the best Kindle yet, and our Editors’ Choice.


The new Paperwhite comes in three models: the default 8GB unit ($129.99), a 32GB version for people with a lot of audiobooks ($159.99), and a cellular-enabled unit for people who just can’t wait to

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