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Quantum Health Digital Blue

Digital Blue fortifies your eyes with the nutrients they need to help filter blue light and optimize healthy visual processing speed, contrast sensitivity, and glare tolerance. It

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Better Nutrition4 min readScience
CBD for Better Sleep
As the popularity of CBD continues to skyrocket, sleep is one of the big reasons why people take it. How does it work? The jury is still out on a final answer, but preliminary research has unearthed a few clues. Our bodies naturally produce endocanna
Better Nutrition2 min read
Get a Healthy Smile with Xylitol
Sweet news: daily use of xylitol in your oral care can prevent cavities and help stop plaque from sticking to your teeth. Research has shown that xylitol can even help repair damage to the enamel. And it makes toothpaste, mouthwash, and even floss ta
Better Nutrition2 min readNutrition
How to Keep Your Pet’s Heart Healthy
“Pets bring a lot to the table in terms of unconditional love, which is a significant factor in heart longevity,” says board-certified cardiologist Stephen Sinatra, MD, a pioneer in nutritional healing and a big fan of animals. Dogs, cats, and horses