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What’s For Pudding?
“Frangipane tarts always remind me of my dad. Growing up, we lived in quite a healthy home. My mom would limit the ‘junk’ foods we were exposed to and we were offered alternatives to sweets, such as grapes, raisins, dark chocolate, and my dad’s all-t
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Arno Carstens
I love Harbour House in Kalk Bay. The thing about this place is that when you need to impress it's all in one: sea, mountains and good food! I love the seafood here. I love traditional South African food too, like offal, melkkos, and all those thing
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Sa’s Best Eggs To Order (among Other Things)
CLARKE’S for the huevos rancheros: organic black beans slow-cooked in red wine, beer and smoked tomato on toast with two fried eggs. The French toast (a Nutella-stuffed croissant with honey-and-bourbon bananas) isn’t too bad either. Just add bacon! c