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■ Probably needs no introduction, as the most famous and widely grown of all culinary varieties. Raised in Southwell, Nottingham, in the early 1800s from a pip, this variety has become the standard-bearer by which all other cooking apples are judged. It stores extremely well, and keeps its acidity

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Have Your Say
My wife and I acquired our first allotment 12 months ago. We were informed it had been neglected for about four years, but we love a challenge and decided to give it a go. Lots of weeds and rubbish to remove (including old tyres!) and dead trees to c
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Turning up THE HEAT
February is a month of varied weather: on some days the ground can be frozen all day, whereas on others sunshine can feel so warm that for a few short hours one can garden in shirt sleeves. I check the forecasts daily, keeping fleece and repurposed b
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Onion White Rot
In an ideal world, plants grow healthily but unfortunately pests and diseases are always ready to thwart our best endeavours. In this new series we identify a common pest or disease each month and offer advice on what you can do It starts to show it