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Growing up in Wiltshire, my interest in wild flowers as a child was originally sparked at least partly by economics, identifying correctly the edible wild greens I collected to feed our pet rabbits, when a combination of poor grain harvests and the oil crisis meant the price of feed doubled within weeks.

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Kitchen Garden4 min read
There is a growing disconnection between the food that we eat and how it is grown. Occasionally the newspapers will run stories about how children think tomatoes are made with the cellophane wrapper already there, or that pineapples are made in a fac
Kitchen Garden5 min read
Time To Turn Over An Old Leaf
They call it the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness – all those fruits filled with ripeness to the core, the swollen gourds and plump hazel shells. The poet Keats was on to something. But joining this edible abundance is a plentiful harvest of a
Kitchen Garden3 min read
On The Veg Patch
There are plenty of things to harvest and eat from the garden over the next few months. If you don’t have much this year then make a note to buy seed of what you want to try and, most important of all, be sure to sow at the right time next year. Apri