EVEN THOUGH THEY were clearly having a good time, the majority of the thru-hikers were sizzled with sunburns and hobbled by blisters. They appeared exhausted, dehydrated, and lame, and one even wondered aloud what manner of insanity had convinced them that the idea of walking for half a year through some of the toughest terrain in North America was a good one.

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Thrive at Altitude
Your body begins to sense a decrease in oxygen levels at around 5,000 feet and responds by increasing respiration and heart rates. As your body works harder, it uses water more quickly. High elevations are also less humid, so sweat evaporates faster,
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10. Less is More
Over the past 30 years, necessary repairs and upkeep have gone largely unfunded, creating an infamous backlog of $12 billion in deferred maintenance. The result? Crumbling historic structures, long lines for restrooms, overflowing parking lots, and f
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LIGHTEST OUR TAKE For areas of the country that experience “winter lite,” the Ready Set Go strikes a Goldilocks balance between comfort, weight, and protection. Its three-layer fabric combines good breathability with a water- and windproof membrane t