History of War


Author: Richard van Emden Publisher: Pen & Sword Price: £25.00

By the end of World War I in November 1918, the Allies and Central Powers had spent $82.4 billion (roughly $2 trillion in 2018 dollars) in a conflict that saw the mobilisation of nearly 70 million men. Around 8 million combatants were killed in actual

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A Controversial Policy
Throughout the so-called Great Game, Britain’s principal fear was a Russian invasion of India, the jewel in the crown of empire. Concern over Russian expansion in Asia became so acute during the 19th century that successive governments in London were
History of War2 min read
Authors: Lynn Vincent and Sara Vladic Publisher: Simon & Schuster Price: 9.99 Released: Out Now All most people will know about USS Indianapolis will have come from the chilling monologue delivered by the character of Quint in the Steven Spielberg m
History of War2 min read
Men Of 7th Armoured
Hobart is famous for creating three armoured divisions. At the start of the war he was sent to Egypt to turn the ‘Mobile Force’ into what became 7th Armoured in February 1940. On returning to England he raised 11th Armoured followed by the 79th Armou