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iPhone Screen Time test: What's your number? (And what you should be doing about it)

Need a new game to keep people amused at the office? Try this: Ask your co-workers to show you their screen time.

Ever since Apple rolled out the iOS 12 operating system a few months ago, the new Screen Time app has been tracking time spent with iPhones - specifically, whenever the screen is on. The app lurks quietly in the background, taking note of those scrolls through Instagram that soothe your train commute. Your late-night Twitter habit and the text fight you had with your sister? Add those to the damning total.

At week's end, voila, the tiny computer does what computers do: It spits out data about your phone use for the week, and sends a message. "Your screen time was up 11 percent last week." And then ... the number: Six hours per day? Or 45 minutes? Virtue, or digital degeneracy?

You lean into the

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