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Abroad or at Home, China Puts Party First

At the heart of Beijing's global influence plans is a clear Leninist vision.

It has been over a year since Chinese President Xi Jinping declared that China has entered a “new era,” and his plan to restore the country to global prominence is clear: Just as the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls China’s domestic life, it intends to control foreign policy as well.

While the CCP has always controlled the direction of foreign policy, its hand is increasingly visible in foreign-policy implementation: the CCP Central Committee—the center of political power in China—is returning to its own organizational strengths as a Leninist political party to push its interests in the global arena. A recent report compiled by top American China experts noted this increasingly assertive stance in the United States, but the CCP’s efforts are global.

As a Leninist organization, the CCP maintains its grip

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