Battle of the Queens!

Inside the archrivalry of 2 ‘sister queens,’ Mary and Elizabeth, and the true story behind the new film Mary, Queen of Scots
On Her Own Men in Mary’s inner circle, like her husband, Lord Darnley (Jack Lowden, to Ronan’s left), and half brother James (James McArdle, right), plotted for her power.

Even the most scandalous feud between modern royal women—Diana vs. Camilla—is lightweight compared with the rivalry between two of the most determined women ever to vie for the throne: Elizabeth I and her first cousin Mary Stuart. The fierce face-off is the subject of a new film, Mary Queen of Scots, starring Margot Robbie, 28, as the brutally self-disciplined Elizabeth and Saoirse Ronan, 24, as the passionate Mary. While Elizabeth, the Protestant daughter of King Henry VIII, ruled without emotion, Mary—a

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