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A Bounty of 2018 Podcasts and Films

We share some of our criminal justice favorites.

Those who prefer to get their criminal justice news through watching and listening had a lot of choices in 2018. From a podcast focused on juvenile justice to one that only tells stories of true crime in the world of music, there were too many to list for top picks. But 2018 seems to be the year that entire criminal justice systems became the stuff of gripping narrative. From Serial, season 3 to Flint Town, who could have thought that we’d sit through hours of footage from inside a single courthouse or police department? We’re betting that once you check these out, you will too. — Beth Schwartzapfel



This quirky, lesser-known podcast excels at finding characters and moments that speak broadly to the themes of crime and punishment, finding crimes you never knew existed and historical tales that challenge contemporary assumptions. My this year featured an interview with Frank Thompson, the former head of a prison in Oregon. Out of the blue, he was asked to help the state carry out the first execution in more than 30

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