Taliban Says It Is Meeting With U.S. Officials, Amid Escalating Peace Efforts

The Islamist militants have refused to negotiate with the Afghan government in Kabul — but a Taliban spokesman said Monday that they were speaking with the
Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanakzai, a representative of the Taliban, attends international talks in Moscow last month. On Monday, the Islamist militant group announced that its representatives would be having conversations with the U.S. in the United Arab Emirates. Source: Yuri Kadobnov

U.S. officials are meeting with representatives of the Afghan Taliban for talks in the United Arab Emirates, the Islamist militant group announced Monday. The meeting, which was expected to include delegates from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the UAE, would mark a new step forward in tenuous peace negotiations.

The Taliban added, however, that it had no intention of meeting with members of the internationally recognized Afghan

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