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From Scientology to 'Second Act,' BFFs Jennifer Lopez and Leah Remini stick together

LOS ANGELES - "I don't think this lighting is going to work," Jennifer Lopez says. She has just turned up at a photo shoot, and she is dismayed.

"Newspapers don't do retouching," the actress points out, "and ugly don't sell movies."

She requests that the studio representatives retrieve a monitor so she can review the images up close, zooming in on the pixels. As Lopez's entourage scrambles to find a screen, best friend Leah Remini stands by patiently. The two will be posing together in a photograph for a story about to their new film, "Second Act," but Remini seems less concerned about the images.

"I don't need to see them," she shrugs.

Remini understands the work that Lopez puts into maintaining her brand. She doesn't complain when she's on time for an interview and her costar is an hour late. She has no interest in "taking away her JLo."

"I'm not that friend that is like, 'I don't see you as JLo,'" she says. "I

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