1776 'Christmas Riot' At Fort Ticonderoga Reveals Long-Forgotten Tensions

A Christmas day battle at Fort Ticonderoga between Massachusetts and Pennsylvania regiments in the Continental Army has long been a mystery. Now new documents detail what happened and why.
In 1776, Fort Ticonderoga in northern New York defended the frontier of the American colonies against a powerful British army. But the Colonial regiments stationed there struggled with growing tensions and animosity that led to a dangerous riot on Christmas day. Source: Emily Russell

A couple weeks before Christmas day, modern day re-enactors in revolutionary war-era uniforms gathered below the walls of Fort Ticonderoga, on the shore of Lake Champlain about an hour's drive north of Albany in northern New York. One history buff, portraying a Pennsylvania officer in the Continental Army, approached a group of men, demanding angrily that they identify themselves.

"Who be you?"

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