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A man I manage earns £20k more than me, and I can’t discuss it publicly | Anonymous

We are being victimised by a culture of a pay secrecy that is wreaking havoc. I wish I had the courage to speak out
Women public sector workers protest in New York, 2015. ‘A third of all workers don’t know that it’s illegal to pay women and men differently for the same or equivalent work.’ Photograph: Alamy

A Norwegian financial trade union might be an unlikely mouthpiece for challengers of the global gender pay gap, but earlier this year it became just that. In an advertisement designed to highlight the company’s in a sector still dogged by inequality, kids took part in a social experiment in which they were videoed being instructed to complete a simple task, for which they were rewarded with jars of sweets. Though all children completed the assignment to a similar standard, the boys were given more sweets than the girls.

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