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Think Trump is a gift to cartoonists? They beg to differ.

Creating good Trump cartoons is so hard it’s not even funny.

The ironic thing is, drawing him is easy. The pursed lips, the puff of golden hair, the iconic hand gestures – they beckon the pencil. A cartoonist might chortle to himself, This is going to be huge! HUGE! We’re going to draw tremendous cartoons. Because that’s what our great country needs. We’re going to make America laugh again!

But President Trump has stolen their thunder.

“How do you caricature something that’s a caricature of itself?” asks Nate Beeler, editorial cartoonist for The Columbus Dispatch in Ohio. “The stuff that he does, a lot of it … is even more hyperbolic than I would draw.”

Mr. Trump, with his unorthodox style and disdain for political correctness, might seem like the

A silver lining to hate mailThe cartoonist who ousted a politicianWhere do you draw the line?

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